The current collar version is version 3.94

Nova Collar Quick Commands ::


This document contains a quick list of the commands available in the Nova Collar as a reminder.
For full information on how to use a command type .help or go to

You can touch the collar to get a drop down menu. From there you can access web controls, options and the RLVSlaver.
Many of the commands such as .look at me while not restrictive still require an RLV compliant SL browser and RLV activated.
Follow menu buttons to access RLV functions or say: .rlv or .rlv menu or .rlv status

Where a command is listed as having a ~target~ replace with the name of the person you want to use the command with, for example.
.kiss ~target~  becomes  .kiss wendi
When more than one slave is present using Nova Collars, use dot commands for group control and name/initial commands for individuals.
It's the actual SL initials that work, not the dispaly name initials. For many of the newer single SL names, the last initial is r for Resident, for example:
  Yourfriend is actually:
  Yourfriend Resident
  so you would use: yrkneel


  ~target~ menu
  or touch Collar

Adding an Owner:

  .add owner
  .add dom



Couples Animations:
(can use firstname, initials or whole name, or given name as ~target~)

  .kiss ~target~
  .hug ~target~
  .pet ~target~
  .subhug ~target~
  .crush ~target~

Leash / Movement Commands:

  .leash to ~target~
  .chain to ~target~

  .look at me
  .come here
  .goto ~target~
  .go back
  .follow me
  .follow ~target~

Force TP:

  .add tp <command trigger>    (said when slave is in position to save)
  force tp    (said to leash handle without .dot)

Rezzable toys:

  .reztoy list
  .reztoy playpillow
  .reztoy novacross
  .reztoy novaball
  .reztoy whippingpost
  .kill toy or .killtoy

Bondage System (requires the cuffs to be worn):

  .bondage help
  .bondage relax
  .bondage present1
  .bondage present2
  .bondage present3
  .bondage present4
  .bondage present5
  .bondage present6
  .bondage present7
  .bondage present8
  .bondage cuffedkneeling
  .bondage Open
  .bondage Open 2
  .bondage Open 3
  .bondage display
  .bondage shacklefront
  .bondage shacklestand

Restrained Life (requires restrained life browser):

  .rlv menu -goes to rlv drop down menu
  .rlv -goes to web page rlvSlaver
  .rlv status


  .mood off
  .mood help
  .mood happy
  .mood sad
  .mood laughing
  .mood crying
  .mood worried
  .mood afraid
  .mood angry
  .mood surprised
  .mood repulsed
  .mood bored


  .emotions on
  .emotions off

Accessing the Collar Pages:

  .options (for slave)

  .report (for Dom)
  .my slaves
  .tp destinations


  (can save up to 5 titles)
  .titlercolor red | green | black | white | cyan, | orange| pink| purple (e.g. .textcolor purple)

Command Management:

  .add command or .ac
  .list commands or .lc
  .edit commands or .ec
  .add phrase or .ap
  .list phrases or .lp
  .edit phrase or .ep

Animation Overrider:

  (add your own anims and ao notecard)
  .aoload default | male | female

Additional Commands:


  Can be RLV locked several ways and will follow if trying to escape

  ~target~ cage
  .let her go
  .let him go
  or say 'please'